17 Points To Test Friendship Bond & Camaraderie Among Friends


We, humans, make many relations with each other. Relations like Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Wife Husband, Kids, Uncle, Maternal Uncle & many more relationships with each other. But in all of them, Friendship is one of the deepest relations. We often sometimes want to test our friendship bond with each other. Here, I will discuss 17 Points To Test Friendship Bond & Camaraderie Among Friends.

17 Points To Test Friendship Bond & Camaraderie Among Friends
17 Points To Test Friendship Bond & Camaraderie Among Friends

Let’s discuss the most important 17 points to test friendship:

#1 Time:

Time is one of the most important factors in our life which gives you the exact picture of every relation. And among them, Friendship is most tested with time. If you are going through tough times, and your friend is standing firm with you in every situation then your bond is very strong with your friend. But remember, not only your friend, but you will also get tested the same way, you test your friends. So in our life, there will be both good & bad times. But how you & your friends come to rescue each other in difficult times is the most important point to test a friendship bond.

#2 Money:

As time decides, how much close & deep is the bond of friendship, the next factor which decides the closeness of friendship is Money. We often get stuck in our life due to money issues, and we are in urgent need of money. At when we ask for money from friends, the one who is ready to help you with any need for money and a financial crisis is the one who will stay with you forever as a friend. Money is the most important necessity & when it is most required & you get it from a friend, your bond of friendship becomes emotionally strong.

#3 Love:

Similar to time & money, love is one of the factor which decides the friendship is more important or the relationship of love with a girl. We had often seen in our life, that two friends are in love with the same girl, and their friendship gets destroyed due to the girl. In this case, it will be important to see, which one of the two friends is ready to leave the girl for the other. At this point, real friendship is tested. So if your friend is ready to give sacrifice his love for you, then he is your real friend.

#4 Work:

We some times in critical situations in our life, we need a helping hand from our friends. From asking him or her for car or vehicle, or anything which your friends possess. If your friend is real, he or she will not give a single thought to it. If your friend is straightaway declining to your request. Then you must understand, that somehow, that friendship will not go long in the future.

#5 Respect:

This is one of the most important criteria in a friendship. Once you will bring immense respect for each other in a relationship like friendship, it further becomes strong as time progresses. Respect is not always shown on the face. For example: In the absence of one friend, if a group of people is making fun of your friend & you take a stand against all, it also counts as respect you have in your heart for your friend.

#6 Secrets:

True friends always share secrets with each other. Not only they share each other secrets but also they don’t share each other secrets with others. If you get to know something from others, which you had discussed with your friend, believe me, that person is not at all a trustable person and can never be a friendship material. If you found this trait in your friend, immediately leave him or her. Because this type of person can be most dangerous for you and your family.

#7 Privacy:

Does your friend gives you space, or always demanding and authoritative. If this is the condition, then this kind of friend is selfish and wants everything done by you at any cost. Stay away from such friends, because they are not meant for friendship. A real friend will always understand your problem and will give you enough space.

#8 Nick Name:

Do you share a nickname with each other? Or do you have a nickname given by your friend?. If yes, then, believe me, this is one of the most important signs which makes a friendship strong. When you are calling each other with a nickname in public as well as when you are together than your friendship bond is super strong.

#9 Motivation:

We often in bad times got depressed. In bad times, if our friend is helping you giving motivation & persuading you in getting better than your friend is real. If your friend instead of motivating you, giving statements that send you in a more depressing situation, they are not friends but snakes hidden in the face of a friend. Please understand this kind of person immediately, because they will definitely ruin your life latter. I will regard this as one point out of 17 points to test friendship in the list.

#10 Dependability:

There are two kinds of friends, one which makes you independent and another who makes you dependent on others. The friend who finds you dependent on your parents and unable to achieve any task without the help of others and not doing anything to corrects you is not a friend but only a foe. A real friend will teach you lessons to make you independent.

#11 Fun:

A real friend always shares joyful things with each other. From seeing a movie to go on a vacation, a true friend always shares good times with each other. While a fake friend will not share good moments with each other. So if you are finding your friend each and every fun moment with you is the true friend and shares a deep bond.

#12 Daily Meeting:

True friends are always impatient to meet each other daily. Whether they are so busy or are away or on the job, they will take time out of their busy schedule to meet daily if living in the same city. If they are living in another place, they will talk on the phone or do facetime or video chat daily. A true friend always finds time for you and he or she never feels good in a day until they meet you daily.

#13 Years of Friendship:

True friendship is also the one which goes on year by year fulfilling every condition discussed above and later. If your friendship is for 5,10,15,20 years, it can be termed as best friendship. In every bad and good situation, a true friend will stay for longer and longer in your life.

#14 Trustworthiness:

How much you trust your friend or how much your friend trusts you? This question plays a big role in your friendship. Because there are various moments in life, where you have to trust your friend in some serious times. At that time, the real friendship will get tested.

#15 Rudeness:

You can test your friendship being rude to your friends inorganically and see what kind of reaction comes from her or him. If your friend will try to understand your problems & tries to convince you than he or she is your real friend & if not & fights with you, he is under the scanner and needs more situations like this to test the friendship.

#16 Mistakes:

If your friend is supporting you on your mistakes and doesn’t make you realize that you are wrong, then, believe me, he is not your real friend. But if a friend, even hurt your ego and scolds you and talk in a harsh manner to let you understand your mistake, he or she is your real friend.

#17 Commitment:

A real friend always shows commitment in friendship, whether he or she needs to sacrifice her own time, money and leisure for friends. Commitment is very necessary for friendship. Commitments are on various grounds and aspects of life and it had a separate place in the relation of friendship. It is one of the most important points out of the 17 points to test a friendship.


Friendship is one of the relations, where all the above points mentioned should be fulfilled to test it. It is not always necessary that a true friend will always follow all the points mentioned in the article. Because sometimes, there are conditions, where your friend is also might be in some or another problem. So a friendship works vice-versa, don’t expect your friend to be always good with you. We will share more articles on this website NiggazInfo, which will bring some change in your life. If you loved this article about 17 points to test friendship, please share it with your maximum friends.


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